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Mind-Body Integration Signature Massage: What Does That Mean?

April Heath


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The age-old question remains: Does the mind rule the body or does the body rule the mind?

Spa goers the world over are familiar with Swedish massage. You might even expect a signature service will be so unique that the establishment stakes its reputation on it. But what is Mind-Body Integration?

  • Your body wants to sleep, but your brain is randomly checking off a 100-item list
  • Your brain wants to shut down for the night, but your legs are restless
  • You can’t stay awake behind the wheel because your stomach is busy digesting lunch

The mayhem that happens when mind and body are out of sync! I can help you get your mind and body on the same page. My unique Mind-Body Integration massage expertly blends:

  • Setting an intention
    This might be mental clarity, better sleep, relaxation, or energizing
  • Diaphragmatic breathwork
    You’d be surprised how many muscles are involved in breathing, so stretching and relaxing them in a systematic way brings instant relief
  • Essential oil aromatherapy
    I have a variety of NOW Foods Essential oils that range from calming to energizing
  • Swedish massage
    This classic relaxation massage can be light pressure, moderate pressure, firm pressure or a combination.
  • Guided meditation
    This is particularly beneficial since you’ll get to focus on the gentle sound of my voice to keep you floating toward the intention that you set during consultation
  • Assisted stretching 
    It’s not always easy to lengthen certain muscles, like the lower back and hips, so I’ll help you
Variety of NOW Foods Essential Oils for Mind-Body Integration

David M. sent his wife to me for We Will Rock You, but during consultation I recommended Mind-Body Integration. She was so profoundly relieved that she actually shed tears.


For a deeply restorative experience, book a Mind-Body Integration massage for 75 or 100 minutes. This is a customizable treatment that we determine together. At the conclusion of the service, it’ll take you a minute to realize how transformational the experience was.

First time clients save $20

Deep sleep

Mental clarity

Profound relaxation

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