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Woman sits on floor under a pyramid frame while striking frosted glass sound bowls

Sound Frequency Healing with Kelly Cordova

April Heath


Raise Your Vibration

Crystal Vision Loving Touch Center is a community landmark in the Emerald Hills neighborhood of Hollywood. They have events throughout each month. I had the privilege of experiencing a Sound Frequency Healing and Cacao Ceremony conducted by Kelly Cordova.

Kelly was introduced to sound alchemy in 2015 when the ritual transformed how she felt spiritually. She immediately sought to learn more about it until she could lead classes herself.

The ceremony began with a little history. Cacao contains more iron and magnesium than red meat, and it’s also a vasodilator. That means it opens the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and boosting circulation.

Kelly had an assortment of percussive instruments laid out under Crystal Vision’s central pyramid frame. She had chimes and gongs. There was a metal drum that resembled a turtle’s carapace and sounded similar to a Trinidadian steel drum. There were bell metal prayer bowls and frosted glass singing bowls, a tambourine that sounded like rain, and other assorted instruments.

Kelly went around the room and anointed everyone’s palms with sandalwood essential oil, which has a sweet and earthy aroma. It’s very grounding. We warmed our hands by rubbing our palms together and began inhaling to bring our full awareness to the moment.

Kelly led the group through a series of deep breaths to center us in our bodies. She played roughly two minutes of a series of ten pieces of meditation music that were set to various frequencies from 174 Hertz to 963 Hertz.

FrequencyWhat it doesMy personal reaction
174 HzRemoves painTried to force the pain in my right thigh away 
285 HzInfluences aura/energy fieldFelt a warm pulse of energy penetrate my right palm
396 HzLiberates you of fear and guiltWaves of warmth over me
417 HzFacilitates transformation/ encourages manifesting powerFelt light and airy
432 HzMiracle tone of natureFelt tightness and pressure in pec muscles
528 HzRepairs DNANeutral
639 HzHeals relationshipsChills. Floated in a suspension in a desert canyon
741 HzAwakens intuitionNeutral
852 HzAttracts your soul tribeVibration down left side of body
963 HzConnects with light and spiritBlossomed in a starry nebula
Kelly’s handout

Different attendees had different experiences. Some resonated with certain vibration patterns. The woman sitting next to me said her plantar fasciitis pain went away during 174 Hertz. Another woman who had experienced multiple bone fractures three years ago also shared that her leg pain went away during 174 Hertz.

One woman got a headache during the 639 Hertz music. She said she’d just ended her relationship with her boyfriend. A man felt the barometric pressure change during the 432 Hertz music, the same frequency during which I felt pressure on the lateral side of my pectoralis muscles. Still others said they’d been looking forward to the 852 Hertz to attract their soul tribe, but the music didn’t resonate with them. Several felt the ethereal lightness of 963 Hertz.

We were given a Map of Human Consciousness, developed by David R. Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force.

You’ll notice that the hertz frequencies we listened to all fall above anger. The human emotion with the lowest frequency is shame. Kelly explained to the class that we emit vibrational energy all the time.

After the meditation music samplings and the class shared their experiences, Kelly led the cacao ceremony. Cacao is a nut that gets processed into chocolate. The raw cacao has numerous healing properties and has been used in native cultures as medicine.

We did another round of deep breaths and set intentions, rubbed our palms and breathed the intentions into our hearts and our cups of cacao. I chose my father’s love and with each sip, let the cacao infuse every cell of my body with its inherent healing as well as my dad’s love and protection. This liquid cacao had no sugar. It smelled woody and earthy with that telltale undertone of raw chocolate. It tasted pure and natural, without a trace of synthetic ingredient.

Kelly’s cacao ritual ended with a Metta meditation to send our love, light, and blessings to all living beings. This reminded us that spiritually, we are all connected, all one. 

Once we finished our cacao, Kelly instructed the group to get comfortable as she began the Sound Bath.

Class got cozy on their Yoga mats, some with pillows and blankets. Kelly intuitively moved from one set of instruments to another, striking in a natural rhythm. Some of the bowls, like the white frosted glass bowls, let out their vibration in loud, sonorous tones. The Tibetan prayer bowls and rain tambourine were more subtle.

Kelly Cordova leading a Sound Healing Vibrational Frequency ceremony at Crystal Vision LTC

At the conclusion, we all opened our eyes and slowly let our conscious awareness rejoin the room. Everyone received a surprise gift of a healing stone, but really the gift was aligning our personal vibration to our highest purpose.

Check Crystal Vision’s monthly calendar of events for Kelly’s Sound Healing services and classes.

Let her know April the massage therapist sent you.

Call: 954-981-4992

Crystal Vision Loving Touch Center
3160 Stirling Road
Hollywood, Florida 33021

  1. Kelly Cordova says:

    Thank you April for such an in-depth review I am super GRATEFUL to provide such healing services to the community and to have the Pleasure to work and practice my God Given talents at Crystal Vision I want to thank all the attendees and the owners of Crystal Vision
    In Loving Service and Gratitude
    Kelly Kay Cordova
    Advanced Reiki Practitioner
    Sound Alchemist
    Ordained Minister through Loving Touch Center

  2. April Heath says:

    Thank YOU so much! The ceremony was truly magical and I’m also very grateful that I got to experience and witness the sound journey.

  3. Vondelyn says:

    Thank you Kelly for always providing such a magical healing space for us to come together. I look forward to your Full Moon Healing Sound Bath every month on Hollywood Beach and the classes at Crystal Vision. It has helped me heal emotionally and spiritually.

    • April Heath says:

      Thank you for sharing your feedback, Vondelyn. I forwarded your message to Kelly so she’ll see it.

      Be well,

  4. John says:

    April, you did such a magnificent job explaining the whole incredible 3 hour evening on your blog. It was my first time partaking in such an event and every time I tried to write something on Fb or tell friends; I gave up realizing I just couldn’t do Kelly or the whole expedience justice. But you nailed it!

    Hopefully, many of your readers will take the opportunity in the future to learn and be guided by Kelly when she offers another awesome session. They certainly will be moved as the rest of us were.

    • April says:


      Thank you for such a long and words. It was my first sound healing also and the experience was unforgettable. Please feel free to share the link to the post so your friends and family can get an idea of how amazing the experience was.

      I’m deeply grateful.

      Thanks again and be well.

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