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Woman in green dress standing on a beach with a moon behind her

Strawberry Full Moon Ceremony on Hollywood Beach

April Heath


Image Credit: April Heath LMT

If you’ve never been under a full moon in nature, you’re missing a unique experience that’s both healing and unifying. 

The Strawberry full moon occurs every June. Once every 20 years, it coincides with the summer solstice, as it did on Friday the 21st.

I could have stayed home and participated via a livestream on YouTube, but I really wanted to be outdoors and see the moon with my eyes. Kelly Cordova led a meditation on Hollywood Beach, complete with a sound bath, as the beautiful moon ascended the sky.

Arrival to Hollywood Beach for Full Moon Ceremony
Arriving to Hollywood Beach for the Strawberry Full Moon Ceremony

I’d never seen anything like it before (or, God forbid, I had and didn’t notice or appreciate it). My friend and I joined a gathering that grew to about 36.

Admittedly, it felt “witchy,” but I totally welcomed it. Surrendering to the moment put my ego on cruise control while I let my worries dissolve. There’s such a vast expanse of energy, and I get to be a part of the whole grand scheme of it. We are miniature universes.

Kelly smudged everyone with burning sage. Whether I like the scent tends to depend on my mood and I can never put my finger on why I like it one day and dislike it another. The sun began its downward arc, as darkness chased it from the eastern horizon.

I nestled on my towel and burrowed my bare feet into the sand for grounding. The sand was cool and dry, and maybe it was a conceit, but I swear it felt like it was welcoming me. I also dug a few crystals and my pendulum into the sand so they could get charged with Earth energy.

Kelly led us through a series of deep breaths and then into a gratitude and loving kindness prayer. The sky continued to empty of sunlight, as the colors transitioned and clouds lazily shapeshifted in their northwesterly parade.

The crowning glory of the evening was the appearance of a giant orb in a glowing rose gold: earth’s moon. I wish my phone camera could do her justice. I looked straight up and anchored to a distant star. I stared long and hard to make sure it wasn’t just a plane. Periodically, I sat up to take in la bella luna in her splendor.

Strawberry full moon behind Kelly
Strawberry Full Moon peeking from behind the clouds on the Atlantic horizon

I felt so tiny but magically connected to everything. All the elements were present – water, air, fire, and earth. And us. Tiny and in total awe of the magnitude and scope of power channeling through our very being.

Moments like this are so precious and restorative. It’s near impossible to keep a burden on your shoulders when you experience something so perfectly and effortlessly orchestrated by nature. There is no separation of me, it, that, them, or you. 

Strawberry Moon rising over Hollywood Beach, Florida
Dark sky with bright Strawberry Full Moon

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How did you experience this June Strawberry Full Moon? Post a comment below. I’d love to know.

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