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Female client face down with charcoal turmeric sugar scrub spread on her back

Revealing the Secret to Beautiful Back Skin

April Heath


Image Credit: MB Consulting

For centuries, women have unlocked a simple secret for getting smooth, healthy skin. It’s hard to know whether they kept it to themselves intentionally or if they figured it was so simple, it must be common knowledge.

Regardless, I’m shining a light on the benefits of skin exfoliation and sugar scrubs. 

Why exfoliate regularly?

Skin cells have a lifespan of approximately two to four weeks. As they die and get replaced by new skin cells (cell turnover), the dead cells leave your skin uneven and rough. We don’t shed dead skin perfectly. That’s why exfoliating consistently is important. It removes all the dead skin at the same time, leaving younger skin at the surface – smooth and silky.

Scrub choices – salt, sugar, other

I personally prefer sugar scrubs. Other scrubs like salt can sting broken skin. Some scrubs contain microplastics, which are harmful to aquatic life and municipal water supplies. It doesn’t help that corporations are not required to list microplastics on the product labels because the scrub isn’t ingested or absorbed into the skin. I stick with sugar. Sugar naturally contains glycolic acid, which has anti-aging properties.

This centuries’ old secret to healthy skin has one limitation that you can’t solve easily on your own. 

How would you exfoliate your own back?

I’m making it effortless for you. 

What I love best is adding this simple customization to my client’s massage session. 

But first, a little about you.

How do you feel about the appearance of the skin on your back? 

Is the skin on your back rough, scaly, dehydrated, bumpy, or blemished with blackheads?

Are you too embarrassed to wear open-back clothing?

Have you ever felt self-conscious in a swimsuit that exposed your back skin?

Do you neglect the skin on your back?

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?

The answer is: Don’t hate – exfoliate!

But hang on, how would you exfoliate the skin on your own back?

You wouldn’t. You’d come to me.

I chose a sugar back scrub and a moisturizing face mask.  Such great value add-ons to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Renee Thomas, Realtor ®

Do: Avoid sun exposure before and after exfoliating

Don’t: Wax, sugar, or shave the area less than 24 hours before exfoliating

I use Inconditionnel L’Amour’s all natural Charcoal and Turmeric sugar scrub for the exfoliation. I complete the treatment with their Fruits & Sunshine body butter to seal in moisture and nourish your skin.

A jar of Inconditionnel L'Amour's all natural charcoal and turmeric sugar scrub.

Image Credit: April Heath LMT

A jar of Inconditionnel L'Amour's Fruits & Sunshine Body Butter

Image Credit: April Heath LMT

Come in for a massage! You get at least one customization option included with your service, so try a Back Exfoliation! It’s so easy for me to do it for you. Plus making you deliriously happy makes me happy, too.

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